Each year Tashkent International School awards up to three 100 percent scholarships to Uzbek nationals from local schools for admission to Grade 10. The offer of these scholarships is based on academic excellence, financial need, satisfactory ability in written and spoken English, attitude and personality, extracurricular activities and interests, and potential mutual benefit to the school and to the student.

The application process for the 2017-2018 scholarship is now closed.  Applications for the 2018-2019 scholarship will be accepted in March 2018 – details will be announced early 2018.

Limitless Opportunities

Only three years ago, I was a student finishing 9th grade in local school and planning different options to continue my secondary education. I applied to the scholarship program at Tashkent International School (TIS) and was very lucky to get in.

Since then I have changed a lot. I learned to be creative, became more sociable and independent. You would not notice, but TIS also changes the way you think. Being around people from different countries makes you reconsider your opinions and values. You get an alternative look at things. You start questioning what you had taken for granted before.

I like to think that TIS pushes you to a new level. Lessons taught in English, a different learning environment, and unfamiliar work formats made academics challenging and at the same time very exciting for me. The thrill of learning that I have never experienced before pushed me forward to work harder, improve, and try my best.

Tashkent International School offers its students limitless opportunities. You get to do real laboratory experiments in science classes. You can study theater or participate in drama productions. You can initiate projects that you are passionate about. You can participate in student life by helping councils. You can join the school MUN club to learn about world issues, debate, and even travel to another country. At this school, a freedom to choose subjects you want to study and activities that interest you help shape a wonderful high school experience.

In my local school, we used to say, “School is your second home.” At TIS, I was able to understand what it means to love your school. I truly enjoy spending my time here. I like the school campus, beautiful park, modern buildings, and well-equipped classes. I am grateful to have amazing teachers, whose support you  always feel. They motivate you to become better, be more responsible and hardworking. I am very lucky to be a scholarship student at Tashkent International School.

Khonzoda U.

Class of 2016

See the World in Different Colors

The scholarship program at Tashkent International School is a priceless opportunity to change your life! The moment I crossed the entrance gates of TIS, I realized I had fallen in love with this place. Of course, love comes with some difficulties, which in this case are the academics. But a few sleepless nights studying are nothing compared to the experience gained at TIS.

Whenever you cannot grasp a concept of a certain topic in class, you may easily come to the teacher during free time or after school and ask for the topic to be explained again. The teaching staff at TIS is very friendly, just like the student body. For me, it was first time when a teacher could become my friend.

TIS is the place where you open your eyes to see the world in different colors. Maybe you are a kind of person who does not like sports. Well, at TIS this might change. The same is true with arts and volunteering.

At TIS you will learn how to respect the others, to respect the environment and of course, to respect yourself.

Arslan K.

Class of 2016

Studying at TIS

Behind the gates of Tashkent International School is a diverse world of people from all over the globe. It is a place you can call your second home; where you know you won’t be alone. Starting from the educational system and the academics to the after-school activities, sports, creativity and community service, TIS offers you a chance to test yourself in all areas as you walk toward the path of choosing your future profession.

My first year at TIS was more challenging than I expected. Rather than learning and memorizing theorems and facts, I learned to dig into the topic deeper and carry out projects and investigations to prove why the theorem could be qualified. Activeness, organization, punctuality, dedication and cooperation are top mandatory qualities we must own at TIS to succeed.

Although adapting to the different system took time, I’m really happy to be a student at TIS. It is a great, friendly community where everyone is supportive of each other. Besides schoolwork, we celebrate different holidays and events such as the Spirit Week we had this year which consisted of Crazy Day, Pajama Day, Blue and White Day and Formal Day to support the school basketball teams.  We also had an event called Model United Nations during the fall when we discussed and debated the resolutions we had created based on the issues of the United Nations.

At TIS you get to meet all kinds of people from different nationalities, learning different cultures and languages. You see things from various perspectives and learn to understand and respect the opinions of others, which may differ from yours. As a team, you learn to combine all your skills together to form a worthy and efficient product.

Studying at TIS is a great opportunity to chase your dreams. As a student at TIS, you know you’re doing your best as you try out and experience many things.  Our school teaches us to accept our mistakes and keep trying. Getting up from the fall is what makes the difference, and teachers and friends are always there to help us get back up.

Lola V.

Class of 2014

Why Tashkent International School?

Tashkent International School is a community that is willing to be open to anyone who is seriously committed and willing to try. This is not just a school; it’s a school that offers students bright perspectives and a future. It’s a school for kids with a variety of different interests. It supports and encourages students with a potential in sports or art or music to open up to the community and express themselves in whatever way is comfortable.

Stepping on the grounds of TIS is like going into another little town. It provides great opportunities for different students, not only in their studies but also in everyday life and in different hobbies. It lets students gain and develop their leadership skills.

This school is different; you will notice it from the first day from the way lessons are run, the way people act, and by the way the whole community responds to your needs. It will change you! But you have to play an important role as well in the community. As a member of this community you will have to slowly adopt, which won’t be hard at all. You, as a member of this community, can’t just take from school. You also have to give and commit yourself.

There are multiple events organized for students in which they can take a role, either in participation or organization. The unique part of this school is that the students run many things. By saying that I mean that a student’s voice is heard. But you still have to be committed. You will be responsible for doing all the required work and completing the assignments and projects you commit yourself to. This community needs a person who will be able to commit to this society, not a person who will pull the community down!

Evgeniya S.

Class of 2104

A Welcoming Community

The Tashkent International School scholarship program is definitely worth applying for. First of all, after graduating from TIS and getting the International Baccalaureate Diploma, many universities abroad will gladly open their doors to you and are more likely to consider you as a potential student.

TIS itself offers you a great education provided by an experienced staff. The school facilities are also beautiful and modern. Although it may be challenging to keep up in classes because all of them are in English, the teachers are always there for support. The TIS community is very welcoming and friendly and all of the students are open-minded and accepting. 

Of course, it is hard to make the transition and adapt to the changes. The workload is more than you are probably used to and the standards set up for you are high. But the job of the TIS staff is to aid you and make learning easier for you.

TIS is a great place for many reasons. The students are all very bonded and welcome newcomers. The teachers are all experienced and helpful. The facilities are spacious and beautiful and every classroom is equipped with modern technology. TIS is more than happy to accept new students. The scholarship program is a great opportunity.

Sheila B.

Class of 2014

The Best Place

Are you brave enough to change your life? Are you ready to make the biggest step toward a prosperous future? Then I am encouraging you to apply for the Tashkent International School scholarship. TIS is the school that educates students to be internationally-minded, think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively.

At TIS you will have a chance to do one year of the Middle Years Programme (grade 10) and two years of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This programme is quite challenging, but you will have one year to get ready for it by doing MYP.

TIS is not only the best place for learning, but also for experiencing, expressing and achieving. At TIS you will have a chance to do a bunch of different activities. If you like singing, you may join the Glee Club. If you want try to be a journalist, you may write for the school’s newspaper, the SPARK. At TIS you will always find the way to experience something new and achieve the biggest goals.

If you are a passionate student, if you are ready to put in 100 percent of your effort, then TIS is the best place for you.

Otabek N.

Class of 2013

A Life-Changing Experience

There are many reasons why you should apply to Tashkent International School. First of all, the education system is completely different from the local school system. You start to become more responsible. At your current school there is no such term as plagiarism, but there is at TIS. You are not allowed to copy someone’s work or merely duplicate it from Wikipedia.

If you want to change your life, TIS is a good place to start. You definitely will meet international students from all over the world. It is a good opportunity to learn foreign languages. Not only will you learn English, but you can also study French, Korean, German and many others. Are you enjoying any sports such as football, basketball and other athletics? Then TIS is a paradise for your sports abilities. You may compete, cheer and just enjoy playing sports.

As you became an 11th and 12th grader, you enter an adult life. At this level the school offers a variety of opportunities where you may express yourself such as CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge essays, exams, internal and external assessments. Sound hard? Believe me, it is not. If you work regularly and you know the system and understand what teachers expect from you, it will be a piece of cake.

The teachers at TIS are open to help you any time. They want you to be successful, therefore you must “pay them back” by doing the different assignments and projects they assign. TIS is not always fun. You will meet sleepless nights and stressful days and deadlines. My mom says, “Son, you must work now in order to get everything you want in the future.” It is good advice. All you need to do in TIS is learn and study and enjoy while studying.

As you apply yourself, you will notice that life at TIS is not always “sleepless nights and stressful days.” It also includes dance nights where you may find a partner and express your dance skills, and game tournaments including Counter Strike, UNO, other card games, and more. Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but TIS is the best school where you can plan your future and it will, I repeat, it will change your life as it did mine.


Nikita K.

Class of 2013

A Great Opportunity

Что можно сказать о школе – так это то, что здесь реально учат. Есть реальная возможность получить образование высшего качества у профессионалов здесь, а потом поступить в хороший ВУЗ. Не стоит бояться, что с Международным дипломом нельзя поступить в местный университет – после обучения здесь это будет уже не нужно. Откроются перспективы поступления в ВУЗы всего мира, включая, как бы громко это ни звучало, в Гарвард, Кембридж и им подобные. Да хоть в Хогвартс! Серьёзно. Масса возможностей в обмен на яростное желание учиться чему-то новому и упорство в работе.  Да, заданиями иногда заваливают, но очень многое из этого тут же находит применение в повседневной жизни. Например, позавчера на химии мороженное делали. И всё действительно бесплатно: проучился здесь полтора года, платил только за дорогу в школу и домой. Ещё здесь огромный опыт общения с самыми разными людьми. Такой коллектив нигде больше не найти: все от Южных Корейцев до Мексиканцев. Попытайтесь поступить – хуже от этого не будет. хоккей легенда Уэйн Гретцки  как-то сказал: «Ты промахиваешься всеми бросками, которые не совершаешь».

What can be said about Tashkent International School? It is indeed a place for studying. There is a real opportunity to get an education of the highest quality from professionals here and then enter a good university. It is not necessary to worry about the fact that local universities do not accept the International Baccalaureate Diploma – there will be no need for these universities. Instead, you will have prospects to enter universities from all around the world, including, however cliché it sounds, Harvard, Cambridge and others like these. Even to Hogwarts, if you wish!

Seriously, there will be a mass of opportunities in exchange for your eager studying of new things and persistence in work. Yes, there is sometimes an overflow of assignments, but most of them quickly find application to everyday life. For example, one day we made ice cream in chemistry class.

Everything is indeed free through the scholarship program. I have been studying here for one and a half years and I pay only for my ride to school and back home. In addition, at TIS you will get the great experience of communicating with all sorts of people – from South Korea to Mexico. You cannot find such diversity anywhere else.

Try to get the scholarship here. An attempt will not make things worse. As hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”


Nikita L.

Class of 2013

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Tashkent International School educates students to be internationally minded, think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively



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