Emergency Manual

Student Safety
In the event of any emergency our primary goal is to ensure the safety of your children.

Campus Access during an Emergency
There will be no access to the campus during an emergency or an emergency drill without the express authorization of the Director or their delegate. Parents will not be allowed to collect their children unless directed to do so by the Director. It is critical that all children are accounted for and that any dismissal is orderly and safe to do so. Once dismissal has been approved children will not be permitted to leave early with friends, neighbors, etc. without personal contact between the parent and the school.

Contact Details
Please ensure that your contact details are regularly updated with the school in case an emergency arises.

Emergency Procedures and Protocols
TIS maintains an emergency manual that provides detailed instructions on actions to be taken in the event of any emergency that may result in risk to the safety of our students or staff members. These emergency plans are designed specifically for TIS and include recommendations provided by the Regional Security Officer at the U.S. Embassy.

At least once a month, the School regularly undertakes emergency drills to ensure that faculty, staff and students are familiar with the safety procedures. In an emergency situation, the school will use an automated electronic system to email and text messages (assuming the school has electric power), and/or will post notices on the school’s web site – www.tashschool.org.

The school liaises in all matters relating to Health and Safety with the Clinic. The Emergency Manual is a joint document between the Clinic and the School and a Health and Safety Committee, whose members include The Directors of the School and Clinic, the School’s Facilities Manager, a Faculty member, a School Board member, the School’s Technology Director, Security Chief, and the School’s Finance Director, meet on a regular basis to review all practices and procedures as they relate to the Emergency Manual and general issues relating to Health and Safety issues.

Emergency procedure details are flexible and can be modified depending on the circumstances surrounding the emergency. In each case, the school has a response team designated to assess the situation and make decisions about what steps are to be taken, how to communicate actions to students, staff and parents, and what outside agencies are to be contacted for assistance (i.e. local police, fire or emergency officials). The actions taken during any type of emergency depend on the situation, and flexibility is a key component. The school also maintains its own regular radio communication contact with the US Embassy to keep informed of emergency events and/or to communicate needs in the event normal telephone communication is disrupted. The School also has satellite phones in case there is no power or the telecommunication systems are not functioning.

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